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Welcome to my Blog!

Monday 27 December 2010

The Fourth Holy Night - Archer/Sagittarius


The Archai rule the region of the Archer or the Centaur/Sagittarius. The Archer represents the visible imagination of the two opposite poles in the human being - the human and the animal, the higher and the lower man. In a child the forces of the horizontal, that is, the crawling stage, are overcome finally, by the upright walking stage and signify a victory of the human nature over the animal nature. The higher beings that belong to this hierarchy, the Archai, are the ones who inspire uprightness in the human being (the ability to stand inside the physical body provided for a particular incarnation) because they were undergoing their human stage when the foundations of the physical body of human beings were laid down at the beginning of the creation of our cosmos - on old Saturn. The Archai were then connected with the forces of thinking in relation to the physical body (the physical brain) on Old Sun. One could say their task now, is to bestow on humanity the forces necessary for ego consciousness to arise through thought, which is signified by the arrow inside the bow. Ego consciousness enters the 'person' and is individualised to become what we call the 'personality'. That is why the Archai are sometimes called the 'Spirits of Personality'.

This relates cosmically to the descent of the Second Logos (Christ) into the realm of the Sun as a star, or the Sophia (the Spirits of Wisdom), as we mentioned in our first Holy Night. Christ entered the womb of Sophia through the gateway of the Ram or Lamb and that is why when viewed from this perspective, He is characteristically called the 'Cosmic Lamb'.

In order to enter the womb of Sophia or the Region of the Sun as a spirit, Christ had to relinquish the lowest aspect of His being, that aspect that is connected to our physical body by the barest thread - His perfected physical body, Atma or Spirit Man.

In earthly terms this sacrifice occurred when humankind was assuming an upright position (Lemuria). This upright bearing tore human beings away from the spiritual forces of the earth and made it possible for adversarial powers - powers that worked contrary to man’s true path of development - to desire to bring disarray to humanity’s twelve sense organs.

We can see how the upright position relates to the sense organs when we consider that the spine is the protector of the nerves which carry impulses to and from the various sense organs. The foundation for these twelve senses (Word Sense, Thought Sense, Ego Sense, Touch, Life Sense, Motion Sense, Sense of Balance, Smell, Taste, Seeing, Warmth sense, Hearing) had been established on old Saturn when a seed for the physical body was laid through the working of the twelve cosmic streams proceeding from the twelve-fold circle of the zodiac (remember the Archangels we spoke of yesterday?) but they acquired their full significance when man became an Ego-bearing being and became upright. The human task was to harmonise these senses with the twelve zodiac streams and it was this harmonisation that the adversarial powers desired to prevent. We see here a connection with the 12 masters of Harmony of Feelings and Sensations. 

Had the human being not been able to harmonise these sense organs, they would have acquired an independence of their own – a selfishness. Each organ would have become egoistic because the Ego's individualising power would have gone too far, making the organs of perception acquire a kind of personality and only want to transmit to the soul what it sensed of pain or bliss. This turning inward, if you like, would have prevented human beings from retaining their uprightness through the chaos that would have ensued. Therefore, by necessity, humanity would have had to return to the forces of the earth (the horizontal forces) to survive.

Christ had to descend from his lofty heights to overcome this threat and he did so by uniting with the Nathan Soul,  the sinless soul untouched by the fall, who later incarnated as Jesus of the Luke Gospel. 

Together they harmonised the forces of the twelve Zodiacs and produced an Etheric image of the ‘Ideal’ man. An echo of this ideal man was seen by human beings on earth as 'Rama'.   In the Ramayana, Rama is the eldest son of king Dasaratha of the Suryavanshi (of the Solar Dynasty) the direct descendants of the Sun. Rama is known as a sat-purusa, the ‘ideal man’ the ‘upright man’ in control of his ‘senses’. Note how he holds the bow and arrow in the picture, how balanced his posture is, how he holds his head, how his feet touch the ground but he seems not to be affected by gravity!

Such a sacrifice seen by human beings inspired them to remain upright so that each sense organ could say:

‘Not us but the ideal man in us; not us but the Christ in us.’

On earth we know that both Jesus Children were sons of Abraham. These children like all others  learnt to crawl and to walk. They could only do so because Abraham, as the Father of the Jewish people, provided a lineage for the creation of the appropriate physical bodies. As such Abraham is closely connected with this Holy Night. Abraham was the one who was willing to sacrifice his son Issac as a sacrificial lamb because God had commanded it.

This walking and crawling is the beginning of a three-fold process for the two Jesus children. The first was the unification of the two Jesus children at the Temple steps in Jerusalem. At this point the Jesus of the Matthew Gospel relinquished his physical body to enter into the body and soul of Jesus of the Luke Gospel, who could then say, 'Not I, but Yeshua in me!' And Yeshua could say, I experience the world through Jesus' twelve senses. From that time on he was able to 'stand-in' his own 'Personality' before the Rabbis in the Temple.

The second process was at the Baptism in the Jordan, when the Spirit of the Matthew Jesus, Yeshua, once again sacrificed life in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, to allow the Spirit of Christ to enter so that Jesus could then say 'Not I but the Christ in me - I experience the word through my Twelve Senses! Christ himself could say, I experience the world through Jesus' twelves senses!

The third process occured after the Mystery of Golgotha and the death of Christ Jesus, at the resurrection of the 'ideal' physical body, that is, after the spirit of Christ had permeated the entire physical body of Jesus and by this means spiritualised it. This created a potential for each individual human being to do the same, to say: Not I but the Christ in me. It also marked the beginning of the spiritualisation of the 'body' of the world itself, so that the world could say the same.

So on this Fourth Holy Night, when we look up to the heavens to the region of Archer, may we see cosmically the connection between the Archai, the Region of Ram, the first sacrifice of Christ in the vessel of the Nathan soul. On earth, may we see the connection between the physical body and ego consciousness and how Abraham is connected to the physical body of both Jesus children and the twelve senses, to prepare the perfect vessel for Christ.

May we stand upright, knowing that with our physical being (that which is the most perfect and the oldest) we may be the highest being on earth but we are also in the process of becoming the lowest being of the hierarchies. A being that is in some ways the most important being in creation, for human beings are the only beings that have 'Free Will' because human beings are not bound to the animalistic physical body, but are free to find their way to the Spirit by their own efforts!


  1. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias Adriana por tu trabajo con las 12 noches santas!!!!

    Hay varios ordenamientos de las 12 noches santas. Pero este tiene mucho sentido.
    Ines desde Argentina