Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Saturday 12 September 2015

Life and Mind

The Master gives the acolyte a test.

He must meditate on silence at exactly 12 midday everyday.

After a week of failure the acolyte, despondent and unhappy, comes to the master to complain. 

He says, 'How can I meditate when the monks have to ring the bell twelve times at the very moment I must start my mediation? All I can hear is the bell ringing over and over and I can't stop thinking about it, and this means I cannot find the silence!'

The master smiles. 'Ah...you have discerned why I have chosen such a time! Make the bell the object of your meditation! And when it has come under your control order it to be silent,' says the master. 'Make this a task of your will and your thinking will follow into silence and in so doing you will have passed the test.'

Understanding dawns, and the acolyte soon learns that meditation is a way of life and that silence is a state of mind.

Friday 31 July 2015

Finding Everything in Nothing.

Show up and do the work,
Though you are inadequate
Though there is no guarantee
That what you do will bear fruit.
And if you kindle the fire
And tend the plant,
Regardless of the outcome,
You will discover, sooner or later,
That this action itself 
Is the achievement


Monday 6 July 2015


Sentience is like a man who sits on a beach looking at the world with feelings but no understanding. Everything he sees, hears, senses, impresses him and this evokes deep emotions but although these emotions are 'selfish' he cannot find himself in this world and for this reason he cannot love the world.

Sitting on the sand he notices something sticking out  - letters. He takes them out one by one, they have been there a long time and look quite old and valuable so he decides to take them home, hoping they can tell him something about the world and his place in it.

Intellect is like the man who takes the letters he found in the world to study at home, separating each letter out with great care, polishing preserving and memorising only the form and substance, quality and quantity. Comparing one to the other and making tables of names which can distinguish them so that at any time he can recall them in his memory. When he does this he becomes more knowledgeable about the letters, but he knows they have no relation to him - they are what he is not and for all his work he is disappointed. This is study.

One day while looking at the letters for any flaws he chances upon a discovery.  If he puts them together in a certain pattern they create words, he wonders if their purpose was not to be studied singly but rather in connection with one another. This was a wonderful revelation but no matter how many patterns he creates, the words are still outside him and so they cannot tell him anything about his relationship to the world.

This is imagination.

Consciousness is like a man who decides to swallow the letters so that he might become one with them. When he digests them he can no longer see them and at first he is sad, for he thinks he has lost them. Even so he is inspired to walk into the world and when he does he can feel these letters within him, speaking in his limbs revealing to him, through his movement outwards, that he is always one with the world and that this oneness is his relation to it.

This is inspiration.

Now he understands the truth, that what he felt with his sentience and studied with his intellect were necessary stages for becoming selfless in knowledge. Now he knows how to read the ABC of the spirit, the occult script.

Spirit Consciousness is like a man who when he walks out into the world with the ABC of the spirit in himself feels so much love for the truth he sees, the words in all he sees, that he takes these into himself consciously and unites himself with the spirit in all things. Now begins the preparation of the Philosopher's stone because he understands how microcosm and macrocosm meet in the human being - how above and below meet in the soul to bring about life.

Life Consciousness is like a man who, when he takes in the truth of the world into himself feels no selfish emotions, but rather his emotions are transformed to a selfless love for the truth. The truth of the world is inside him now and it brings him renewed life and he loves this life for its own sake.

Now he can live into the macrocosm, the spirit in the world, not as a guest, but as a citizen of that world.

Human Consciousness is a like a man who in loving the truth feels an impulse not to remain in the macrocosm but to return to the microcosm, to remain a human being so he can turn the truths he has found, through an effort of his will, into a good action, for the love of that action, and the sake of those who have not yet found the truth.

Now does the spirit of world, truth, become through love, a force of individual goodness in the man and once again he walks it into the world doing good deeds for the love of the deeds which are based on truth. Such a man has turned the letters he once found into words and those words into deeds. This is Divine Bliss - living in goodness.

What is the deed that such a man living in goodness can do?

He speaks out new letters and then buries them in the sand for someone else to find.

Monday 1 June 2015

The Power of Stories

The man Phostismos had been in this room a long time.

He was not alone here. There were others who came here long ago but neither he nor the others could remember how they got here or when it was that they had decided to close their eyes. They only knew what the old ones had always said: that there had been a time before the darkness, before they came into this room when people could experience the light of the Sun.

But all were blind now and what was known about this room in which they lived had come from bumping into the things in it. These things made of sharp corners and straight edges, had created an impression on the blind ones and from these impressions they had fashioned their own individual inner mind-map of the room.

In time they forgot the stories of the old ones. but it lived deep in their hearts, like a little spark.

With time it grew increasingly difficult to navigate in the dark and people chose to stay on one side of the room or on the other, permanently. Human beings are social creatures and they soon formed communities and groups around their likeminded inner view of their side of the room. These views became dogmas and laws which each side fought hard to protect because to let go of them was to lose their orientation.

You see, these dogmas arose because both sides were too afraid to open their eyes. They had 'heard' things bumping about in the dark that they could not see or understand and they were certain these were evil and hideous. Those who created the original dogmas called these things demons which needed no explanation, others came who created new dogmas and called them collectively, science, Science was a way of using the things which they bumped into and which scared them, to explain what they were.

But there was more to it. No one remembered that long ago the decision to close the eyes had been made because the light had been switched off by one of them.

They couldn't remember that a more developed occupant of the room had originally brought them here from the outside to gain power over them, and he did this by enticing them into the belief that they could learn more in the room and without any light. This member shut off the light and told them that just by closing their eyes and developing an inner life through memory of the light they could find freedom from everything outside them. All they had to do was to remember the light inside them.

They did not realise, because they were blind, that this was a form of incarceration.

Another member even more advanced than the first soon jumped on the bandwagon to become his partner in crime - and like all such criminals he was of a mind to usurp the first one one day. Each allocated the other the task of controlling one side of the room for mutual benefit - each had his eyes wide open.

The first one inspired the people on the left side of the room to create other rooms in their minds and to 'imagine' different things with the light they remembered. They need never leave the room, just live in their beautiful imaginations which were far better than the reality of a dark room! It didn't matter that the imaginations had no connection with the things that they bumped into. They could build their own inner pictures through the ideas that the first one gave them and build with these their own reality - and that is how the first one gained power over them - he inspired them.

The second one instructed the people on the right side of the room to grow more and more afraid of ever leaving it, and taught them how to create ideas without light but only from what they bumped into in the dark. He told them there was never going to be light and they had better get used to the darkness. He taught them how to build weapons with the thoughts they had created from the things they bumped into, to protect them from the blind ones on the other side of the room who were surely guided by demons because they were inspired by things that did not coincide with reality.

That is how he gained power over them - he frightened them and kept them busy.

Yes, for this reason the two partners in crime were either called demons or gods depending on which side a blind one belonged to. But the two partners knew that the real gods existed outside the room - and that if they were to be considered gods by their own people they had to protect this secret and so they walked about poking and prodding those with closed eyes to make them do whatever they wanted, keeping them blind, delusional, and busy and thus taking more and more power for themselves.

Sometimes they worked together and sometimes they worked against one another just to make things more difficult for the blind ones, but in the end their goals were the same: to create a disparity between the picture in the mind and the truth outside it so that fear inspired both sides to believe the same thing: there is nothing in the room at all and that to open the eyes is to fall into an abyss.

Those who could not see but were close to their 'gods', joined forces, and began to preach and to wage war against those who tried to develop new eyes, blaming the desire to see on the demon that belonged to the other side. They each warned against terrible consequences should anyone attempt go against the accepted dogma and science. 

Prejudice reigned supreme on both sides of the room. The priests and kings from both sides said the same thing: 'You will die if you open your eyes! For there is truly nothing out there only the annihilation of your soul! You can live a good life by staying put and either creating illusions of remembered light or being satisfied with scientific explanations about the darkness.'

But sometime ago a number of people had seen something through their eye-lids - a flash of light, and a fresh breeze had come with it into the room, as if a door had been opened! It left them with an impression that there had to be more than the room full of sharp corners and straight lines from which they had been forced to create either fantasies or dark concepts. 

Those who could see this light most clearly began to hear a voice, but this time it was in their souls, and it inspired them to look inside their souls. Here they found what had remained from the stories they had heard long ago - a little spark. This spark however, was not a memory of the light, the stories had left behind a living quality which could give birth to a reality! Those who found this new light used it to fashion new eyes but when they were discovered, they were either  killed by the priests or imprisoned by the kings, who needed to keep them from spreading about their knowledge. 

Still they prevailed and gathered together in small groups.

The sightless also gathered in councils to discuss those who believed in this light. They made it an anathema to speak of it, punishable by excommunication from the group, which was, in a way, the same as death. They abolished the light and said that the light does not belong to blind ones for it can never be found by looking for it with their atrophied eyes. This a lie, but because it was embedded in a truth, it was believed.

One could not use the old eyes, no, but one could create new eyes to see!

But he priests and kings fought hard to prevent this from being known, for in their hearts knew the power of those gods who guided them would be lost if the people were to see the room for themselves!

One day the man who called himself Photismos, gathered around him those from both sides who had fashioned new eyes from the light but who had not yet had the temerity to open them to see.  Those willing to go out on their own as heretics groped their way quietly to a place they had been to before. A place where they always heard the voice of the light most clearly. No sightless ones had ever come here for they were too afraid lest the voice of light take them from their gods.

The advanced ones, the gods and demons and their followers put many obstacles in the way of those who worked their way to towards the voice of light but the voice nevertheless lighted the path and their toils actually helped them to see more and more clearly until finally they reached the place where the voice was the clearest. It said to them:

'I AM the true light you have created within you, do not hide it under a bushel! Open your eyes and behold the I AM which is outside you!'

When they opened their eyes to see, they beheld the source of their inner light outwardly! It is was a great and mighty being of light, could it be the same one which the old ones long ago had spoken of in their stories?

The recalling of these stories which had enlightened them now met in joyous celebration of understanding with their source. They recognised that this was the outer Sun which had inspired all the stories of the old ones, the Sun which had entered the room to help them to find a way to the door - this he did out of love for them!

They looked around now and saw the difference between what they had created inside them and what lived outside them. Conversely they saw that the light that was inside them was the same as the light that was outside them! They saw also, how, on both sides of the room, blind ones huddled behind furnishings, fearful, throwing bric a brac at one another, blindly groping, and they knew the demons and gods to be only advanced beings who had once been human but who had not moved on remaining behind through a desire to gain power over the blind ones.

This mighty being, then, who had deigned to come into this room for their sake, to suffer the darkness, to rescue them through love, opened the door. Beyond this door they could see the real world of the gods! They were filled with bliss and a desire to leave!

The sun being said to them that many had gone through the door freely, but that to do so was to leave all one's loved one's behind to suffer in the darkness.

The man who guided them, Photismos, decided to imitate the love the Sun being had shown them and stay to help the blind ones. A few gathered around him. They would remain in the room but with open eyes. They would not tell anyone what they had seen but would work quietly in their communities both right and left. They did not preach or harangue or fight wars. They told stories, like the old ones. Stories about the great being who had brought the light into the dark room, a light that was only waiting for them to feel the inner spark of the IAM. These stories were so full of light that they sparked a light in those who heard them.

No one knew that there were men among them whose eyes were open, they seemed only story tellers who made them feel the light in them differently after hearing their stories. Even the scientists who heard these stories were inspired to seek for explanations about what might lie beyond the room to know if they were true for they had felt the spark!

Gradually harmony arose between left and the right side. Even the demons and gods who had taken advantage of the blind ones began to change now, for they could not help overhearing these stories and they called forth in them a memory of their original tasks, which had been to help those in the room to find an individual and free inner life! They themselves had been blind to their own tasks!

These now became the benefactors of the community and helped to lead the blind towards the being of light and the door to true freedom.

Photismos remained behind until the very last person could see.

Nowadays, in many a dark room, stories are still told by wise men of  Photismos, of the being of the Sun who entered into the darkness to help men to find the light, and of those who remained behind through love.

Now you have heard the story, if you feel the spark...follow the voice of light with me...together we will find the door.

Friday 22 May 2015

Meditation and Work, Faith and Knowledge, Spirit and Science.

The young acolyte went to his master feeling despondent and anxious.

He said, 'How must I meditate when my mind is taken by the work that has to be done in the world, and how can I work, when my heart longs to be one with the spirit through meditation. These opposites tear me apart, so that I am never happy. When I meditate I am thinking of the world, during work I am thinking about meditation.

'It is simple,' said the master, with that smile which always denoted his wisdom:

'If you make it so that your meditation becomes as practical as life you will learn what is best for your work.'

'How is that possible?'

'Only if, when you meditate inwardly, you observe how the spirit of the world enters into you. Listen to what it is telling and you shall be directed to the best way to perform your tasks in the world.

'Conversely, if you allow your practical life to become like a meditation you will find yourself.'

'How is that possible!'

'It is possible if when you work in the world you seek how every movement you make creates an imprint not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual world.  If you seek to find yourself in your deeds and how they are either in harmony or out of harmony with the spirit in the world. This is self knowledge. You will learn to see how well you have listened to what the spirit has told you about your tasks in the world.'

'So I am to make no distinction between the contemplative life and the practical life?'

'By making Meditation  as practical as life, and practical life as spiritual as meditation you are uniting all polarities, life and death, right and wrong, inner and outer, above and below. This is the cause of all the wars and strife both in the world of men and the world of spirit. You have the power to bring harmony into both worlds. Then you shall find happiness in everything you do, for true happiness is being in harmony with the spirit.'

The acolyte was amazed. 'What is the power in me that you speak of that can unite all things?'

'It is the power that long ago divided all things inside you.'

The acolyte left his master then, and practised his advice and in time became a great and wise master.

He died and was born again a Dominican Monk. He was together again with his reborn master and he now asked him the same question only differently.

He said to him, 'Master, how must I reconcile  Knowledge and Faith? I am never happy for when I am learning about the world through your teachings I cannot find myself, and when I pray before the cross I feel like I am a blind man believing something I can't see!'

His master a man known for his angelic nature said, smiled for he knew this dilemma. 'This is what you do:

'When you are working with knowledge observe how everything you know is gained from the world of nature around you, from what you see with your eyes. But you cannot find yourself in nature, can you? If you were to rely only on nature, you would always set limits to your knowledge, because you would only see half a truth, you would never see the spirit that is in yourself in the things you see.  Train your will to enter the world through the power of devotion, and your will shall become a light that perceives itself and finds its likeness in the spirit of the world - you will see your spirit because it enlightens the spirit in the world. The difference between the two: your spirit and the spirit in the world, this is true self knowledge. Sending out the light of your spirit of the self into the world brings you knowledge of yourself.'

 'In your prayers unite lovingly with what your knowledge of the world in the self, use thinking honed by this knowledge to understand that all you see has its counterpart inside you, and you will understand how this counterpart is the spirit in the world. In this way thinking becomes the power of a Faith that is not blind but which enlightens the spirit of the world in the self through knowledge - this spirit in the world can only be seen because you have a spirit in the self which attracts it.  This is what it means to be faithful - attracting the light of the spirit into the self to give you knowledge of the world.'

'By making  knowledge a power that leads to faith and Faith a power that leads to knowledge you will reconcile all divisions, for in our time heresy and orthodoxy is merely knowledge and faith seen from different sides - one must see holistically - then there is no quarrel only understanding.'

Many lives later that young Dominican Monk was born a Teacher. One day a young pupil came to one of his lectures. He felt he knew this boy, something drew him to the boy. Afterwards when the boy came up to him and asked him:

'How do I bring Science and Spirit together?'

The teacher, now remembering his old teacher, fell at his feet, 

'You need only remember all that you have taught me, my dear teacher!' he said, 'My task shall be merely to remind you of what you already know.'

That young pupil became a great teacher himself. He united the practical life with mediation, knowledge and faith, science and spirit. He taught many how to find a scientific way to spiritual experiences, and how to bring knowledge of the spirit to explain the world around us. He said, 'Look inside yourself to find the world, look into the world to find yourself!'

Many lives later they met again, this time as peers. They both remembered one another and were filled with joy.

The one who had been an acolyte twice an only once a teacher said, 'How can we bring together the Sophia in our souls with the Christ?'

The one who had been twice a teacher and only once an acolyte said, 'We must awaken knowledge and faith in one another!'

Monday 18 May 2015

CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ALIEN: When two or three are gathered in my name...

A being from a distant planet came to visit me to ask me this question:

'Why do you eat food?'

I answered thus:

'Before we were like you, we were whole. In those days we did not need material substance to survive, we lived on spiritual substance.'

'What happened to you?'

'We were tempted to create an inner life in order to have freedom from the gods.'

'An inner life that is free from the gods! You mean, you are not open to the wisdom of gods when they wish you to be?'

'We have learnt to cut ourselves off from the gods, to gain wisdom without them, but we had to split into male and female to do this, for we needed to create a distinction between outside and inside, above and below so that we could lie.'

'What is a lie?'

'We can experience something inwardly that does not correspond to what we see outwardly. In other words, our perception sees something different to what we sense and this has created thought. Thought is a lie because it is based on a half truth. Only what we see in the physical world.'

'This is a lie - for there is spirit behind the physical!'

'Yes, but this lie gave us thinking and thinking gave us the possibility for freedom, but this freedom from the spirit in all things means it cannot feed us. We cannot eat what we are not conscious of! And so we have had to eat material food instead. Eating plants and animals is the result of the development of our thinking and thinking has led to death - a division between consciousness here in the world and consciousness in the spirit. If we don't eat we can't think and we die, we lose consciousness of the world, but because we never found the spirit in the world, we also have no consciousness of the spirit after death! We must return to earth again to gain it. To begin everything again in another life. This is called Reincarnation.

'How awful! This reincarnation must take up all your time!'

'Yes, but we eat to feed the body only so that in between meals we can work creatively and freely on the soul to perfect it and to find something greater than the 'I' that we gain through thinking so that we can be born again, that is the only way to love.

'What is this higher thing you wish to find?'

'The I AM. It is for this reason that we work day and night in order to feed ourselves, but some of us have forgotten this. Some have grown to enjoy the act of eating for its sensual pleasure and think only material things as a result, these people cannot truly love. They cannot think in a way that will lead them to the IAM - which is the highest manifestation of love. 

Then they are doomed to live and die, to eat only matter and perceive only lies and never return to the spirit!'

'That would have been the fate of such people had a being from the world of spirit not descended to help them remember the IAM and bring the truth of the spirit back to our consciousness so that we can love through freedom. 

'Firstly he gave us a gift, he taught us that eating, specially when we join together with others, can be a spiritual experience when it is in His name.'


'Sharing a meal in His name has the power to bring consciousness of the truth of the spirit that is in everything that we take into our bodies - not only food, but also all our sense experiences of the world and of each other. When this truth of the IAM enters the soul it changes the physical body and death is overcome and we are born again, because we bring female and male, inside and outside, above and below together.This way what is outside and what is inside are perceived and sensed as the same - we become like you but with a difference.'

'What is this difference?'

'We come to this wholeness again through the IAM, through freedom and love.'

'What is this freedom?'

'The being from spirit worlds showed us how to free our souls so that the spirit of truth can enter into us, and find our IAM, only then can we truly love.

'What is love?'

'The being showed us how to allow another soul into our own so that the spirit of truth in us can feed the soul of the other and help the other discover their own IAM. 

'The being who descended could do this for us so that we could observe His example and follow it. That is how He taught us to overcome the problem of who has more and who has less food  - through the power of His IAM. 

'And that is what He meant when He said that 'When two or three are gathered in my name the IAM will be among them! John the divine, the greatest follower of Christ before he died told his followers - Love one another! That is what he meant. Find the I Am in one other and the spirit of truth will always be among you and you will feed one another!'

'Who is this I AM?'


'I know this being you call Christ! He was once in the sphere of the Sun but he left and we lost consciousness of Him - he died to us!'

'Yes, but in this conversation I have loved you, and so He is born again for you!

'I see him through you!'

'That is because my spirit has fed you. Now go and tell others the good news: Christ, the IAM Lives again through freedom and love and he can be perceived in the soul of every human being who has found the spirit of truth in freedom and who truly loves!'

Wednesday 6 May 2015

The Paradox of True Love and Selflessness

The Alchemy of true love
Allowing another
To write their story inside our hearts
So that we can read it there

As if it were our own.

The Alchemy of true Selflessness

To write the story in our hearts
Inside the heart of the world
So that we can read it there
For the first time,
As if it were not ours. (AK)

Painting by Christian Schloe