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Welcome to my Blog!

Thursday 30 December 2010

Twelve Holy Nights - The Sixth Night - Scales/Libra


The Region of Scales is related to the hierarchy of the Dynamis, or Spirits of Movement. Scales or Libra are responsible for the balanced movement of the planets in relation to one another and this includes the sun, which is their principle abode and from which they send down their beneficent forces to the planets and to the earth itself. There are seven principal planetary Spirits of Movement.

The expression of this  harmonious movement of the planets through the guidance of these spirits is experienced through the medium of inspiration as the 'Music of the spheres' and is manifested on earth in the chemical properties of earthly substances. The Dynamis or Spirits of movement were the regents of that aspect of old world evolution designated as 'moon' and they were responsible for bringing about the right relationship between Sun and Moon forces at this time, so that both Sun and Moon stood like two sides of a balance.  Occultists named the Zodiacal sign that man was entering when the ego began to come into its own, as Scales. For although they were responsible for giving man the Astral body at this time, their sacrifice was the motivating impulse for the Exusiai, whom we mentioned on our journey through the Fifth Night, to sacrifice their lowest substance (Ego) to man on earth.  

The region of scales is also the lowest of the light aspect of the Zodiac or the seven 'ascending forces',   They became a part of the 'light' aspect long ago (middle of Atlantean times). It was from this time that the being of Christ began His descent through the Gate of the Archangels to redeem the Astral body (thinking, feeling, and willing) which had been gifted to humanity by the Dynamis or Spirits of movement during Moon evolution. If Christ had not sacrificed his own perfected Astral body or Spirit Self, a harmony and balance between these three soul principles could not have been brought about leaving these principles prey to a temptation to separate into three types of human beings: Thinking would have manifested in an Eagle-like human being; Feeling in a Lion-like human being and Willing in a Bull-like human being; while in an inner sense these human beings would have been dragon-like in their Astral nature.

The principle threat was in the thinking life and through it Ego-consciousness. This would have meant a complete extinguishing of the human Ego. 

In order to accomplish this sacrifice the Sun being, Christ, united once again with the Nathan soul so that He could become the bearer of the forces of Sun, Moon and Earth which correspond microcosmically to the forces of thinking feeling and will in the lower regions of the Sun sphere, which extends to the sphere of the Moon or Astral world. It is because of this that the region of Scales was able to move into the 'light' aspect of the Zodiac, in other words, the Dynamis began to move upwards to become a higher hierarchy. 

In the Greek mysteries the initiates saw this reflection of Christ from the Moon sphere and they called it, Apollo. Apollo represented the triumph of the Sun Spirit over man’s passions, for Apollo was the harmoniser of man's thinking, feeling and willing by way of the lyre, which sounded with the harmonious tones of the human soul. The Sun Spirit as the guardian of the wild moonlike, stormy passions was the champion of the rational, objective thinking which had brought order to the other soul components through music -  the Music of the Spheres, which is connected to the balancing and harmonising aspect of the Scales and its influence upon the Dynamis or spirits of movement.

The region of the scales is also related to Buddha, who ascended to this region after fully developing his Astral Body and his Etheric Body (Manas/Moon and Buddhi/Sun). Rudolf Steiner tells us that Buddha was able to achieve in himself a perfect balance between macrocosm and microcosm - Nirvana - through an inspiration from the Spirits of Movement or Dynamis. The spiritual Star of Buddha (Mercury) rose in the region of the Scales. For this reason Buddha was able to donate his Nirmanakaya, his perfected Astral body to Jesus of Nazareth. The Nirmanakay resounded as the 'choir' of heavenly hosts heard by the Shepherds at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

In Jesus of Nazareth we see this perfect balance of Sun (Ego) and Moon forces (Soul - Astral body) through the unification of the Zarathustra individuality in Yeshua, and Buddha's perfected Astral body, his Nirmanakaya, in Jesus, which created the vessel for the Christ being at the Baptism at the River Jordan. 

So when we look up to the region of Scales on this Sixth Holy Night, may we see the connection of the Scales and the Dynamis, the spirits of movement, with the human soul and the consciousness of the ego through thought. May we see the descent of Christ through the gate of the Goat into the Moon sphere as an impulse for the harmonisation of our souls, seen on earth as Apollo with his Lyre. And finally may we see on earth the connection between Jesus and Yeshua and Buddha and Zarathustra as an earthly reflection of this harmonisation of Sun and Moon forces. 


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  2. Hello there, that is a very interesting way of finding me! If you like you can go to my website at adrianakoulias.com and go to articles, I have many articles on esoteric matters that might be of interest to you. The trouble with psychiatrists is that they don't understand spiritual experiences and they can diagnose these as results of an illness when one is actually quite healthy! The way to tell if you are having a healthy relationship to spiritual experiences is if they are under your control. If you can't control them, then you might like to look at the Rudolf Steiner Archives and search for a book called Knowledge of Higher Worlds. Here you will find spiritual exercises that will strengthen your soul and your capacity for controlling your experiences.

    Good luck with it.


  3. Ps you can google Rudolf Steiner Archives on line for that book.

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