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Saturday 25 December 2010

The Second Holy Night - Waterman.


The region of Waterman is connected with the hierarchy of the angels who have a special affinity with water in the world, water being the element in which they manifest outwardly. Inwardly they are connected to the etheric body in human beings.

The etheric body not only provides the physical body with life, but is also the tableau in which memory is written. That is why the etheric body is called the 'Water of Life' in the bible, and why the angels are called the 'Sons of Life' in various mystery traditions. It is also why angels are known to be the holders of the 'memory' of our past doings - in other words, why they are considered to be the Guardian Angels of human beings.

We see these two qualities of the etheric body illustrated in the various mystery traditions as: the water of Lethe and Eunoe (the draught of remembrance and forgetfulness); the Egyptian river on which travels the boat of Isis or the soul; and the Nepenthe given to Isolde which allows her to forget her duty to marry Mark so that she can fall in love with Tristan.

The Second Holy Night, in the earthly sense, is connected to the two Johns in the bible: John the Baptist and John the Divine, the writer of the Gospel of John and Revelations.

Why is this so?

The sign of the Waterman is cosmically connected to the Moon sphere and represents both the angel and the spiritualised human soul which is filled with the spirit or Manas, enabling it to have imagination as a form of higher perception or Moral Cognition. 

John the Baptist was the representative of this stage in human development. He received a special initiation in which he experienced the Sun at Midnight from the constellation of Waterman, the constellation ruled by the moon, and for this reason he was able to baptise with water to loosen the etheric bodies of those whom he baptised.

The second John, John the Divine, is always represented by the Eagle and is connected to the higher ego, the lower Ego is the Scorpion represented by Judas. The higher ego or spiritualised intellect can create the right conditions in the soul for  a unification of the soul with the spirit from the realm of Waterman - this is called the Consciousness Soul. That is why he was never baptised by John the Baptist and had to wait for Christ to baptise him with Fire.

So we have two Johns - John the Baptist - Waterman and John the Divine - Eagle who are the earthly 'Guardians' of the second Holy Night. 

What about the Cosmic descent of Christ we spoke of yesterday?

From a Cosmic perspective this Holy Night is also a depiction of Christ's Descent from the Spirit of the Sun into, yes, the region of Scorpion/Eagle! That is, into the realm of the body of the Sun. This happens because the Sun Elohim who are the Gatekeepers of the Region of Scorpion Eagle enabled it. How did they do this? They united with  Jehova Elohim on the Moon. The consequence of this for human beings is depicted in the Bible when the 'breath of life' that is the Ego is given to Adam/Eve.

So on this Holy Night when we look up to the Constellation of Waterman, we should not only imagine  the human being's ascent from the darkness of matter to a 'perception' of the spirit, but we should also imagine the descent of Christ from the spirit of the sun, through the Zodiac gate of Scorpion Eagle to the body of the sun. 

This night is therefore the night in which we can draw close not only to our angels who guide us and shine the spirit downwards into our souls, but also to the two Biblical Johns who achieved ahead of time, what we are still striving to achieve. May we honour them.

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