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Welcome to my Blog!

Monday 18 May 2015

CONVERSATIONS WITH AN ALIEN: When two or three are gathered in my name...

A being from a distant planet came to visit me to ask me this question:

'Why do you eat food?'

I answered thus:

'Before we were like you, we were whole. In those days we did not need material substance to survive, we lived on spiritual substance.'

'What happened to you?'

'We were tempted to create an inner life in order to have freedom from the gods.'

'An inner life that is free from the gods! You mean, you are not open to the wisdom of gods when they wish you to be?'

'We have learnt to cut ourselves off from the gods, to gain wisdom without them, but we had to split into male and female to do this, for we needed to create a distinction between outside and inside, above and below so that we could lie.'

'What is a lie?'

'We can experience something inwardly that does not correspond to what we see outwardly. In other words, our perception sees something different to what we sense and this has created thought. Thought is a lie because it is based on a half truth. Only what we see in the physical world.'

'This is a lie - for there is spirit behind the physical!'

'Yes, but this lie gave us thinking and thinking gave us the possibility for freedom, but this freedom from the spirit in all things means it cannot feed us. We cannot eat what we are not conscious of! And so we have had to eat material food instead. Eating plants and animals is the result of the development of our thinking and thinking has led to death - a division between consciousness here in the world and consciousness in the spirit. If we don't eat we can't think and we die, we lose consciousness of the world, but because we never found the spirit in the world, we also have no consciousness of the spirit after death! We must return to earth again to gain it. To begin everything again in another life. This is called Reincarnation.

'How awful! This reincarnation must take up all your time!'

'Yes, but we eat to feed the body only so that in between meals we can work creatively and freely on the soul to perfect it and to find something greater than the 'I' that we gain through thinking so that we can be born again, that is the only way to love.

'What is this higher thing you wish to find?'

'The I AM. It is for this reason that we work day and night in order to feed ourselves, but some of us have forgotten this. Some have grown to enjoy the act of eating for its sensual pleasure and think only material things as a result, these people cannot truly love. They cannot think in a way that will lead them to the IAM - which is the highest manifestation of love. 

Then they are doomed to live and die, to eat only matter and perceive only lies and never return to the spirit!'

'That would have been the fate of such people had a being from the world of spirit not descended to help them remember the IAM and bring the truth of the spirit back to our consciousness so that we can love through freedom. 

'Firstly he gave us a gift, he taught us that eating, specially when we join together with others, can be a spiritual experience when it is in His name.'


'Sharing a meal in His name has the power to bring consciousness of the truth of the spirit that is in everything that we take into our bodies - not only food, but also all our sense experiences of the world and of each other. When this truth of the IAM enters the soul it changes the physical body and death is overcome and we are born again, because we bring female and male, inside and outside, above and below together.This way what is outside and what is inside are perceived and sensed as the same - we become like you but with a difference.'

'What is this difference?'

'We come to this wholeness again through the IAM, through freedom and love.'

'What is this freedom?'

'The being from spirit worlds showed us how to free our souls so that the spirit of truth can enter into us, and find our IAM, only then can we truly love.

'What is love?'

'The being showed us how to allow another soul into our own so that the spirit of truth in us can feed the soul of the other and help the other discover their own IAM. 

'The being who descended could do this for us so that we could observe His example and follow it. That is how He taught us to overcome the problem of who has more and who has less food  - through the power of His IAM. 

'And that is what He meant when He said that 'When two or three are gathered in my name the IAM will be among them! John the divine, the greatest follower of Christ before he died told his followers - Love one another! That is what he meant. Find the I Am in one other and the spirit of truth will always be among you and you will feed one another!'

'Who is this I AM?'


'I know this being you call Christ! He was once in the sphere of the Sun but he left and we lost consciousness of Him - he died to us!'

'Yes, but in this conversation I have loved you, and so He is born again for you!

'I see him through you!'

'That is because my spirit has fed you. Now go and tell others the good news: Christ, the IAM Lives again through freedom and love and he can be perceived in the soul of every human being who has found the spirit of truth in freedom and who truly loves!'

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