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Welcome to my Blog!

Sunday 2 January 2011

The Tenth Holy Night - Twins/Gemini


The region of the twins is connected with the Hierarchy known in Christian Mysticism as the Seraphim and in Spiritual Science as the Spirits of Love. This hierarchy is known by this name because it is the bearer of the forces of spiritual love, a love that arouses the will to sacrifice. The Greek myth of the twins Castor and Pollux is a representation of such a love, where one twin is willing to sacrifice even his immortality for his brother.

We have seen this will to sacrifice through love, in the being of Zarathustra, who, at the turning point in time, incarnated as the Jesus of the Matthew Gospel (Yeshua) mentioned previously in several of our Holy Nights. We see it in the being of the Nathan Soul, the Jesus of the Luke Gospel, who sacrificed himself four times to be the vessel of Christ. We see it in the Mary of the Luke Gospel, who united with Mary of the Matthew Gospel. 

Ultimately this will to sacrifice can be seen in the Being of Christ Himself, who sacrificed his Godliness in order to descend from the heavenly spheres beyond the Zodiac, to earth evolution so as to unite Himself for all times with humanity by performing the highest sacrifice of all. Christ brought to Earthly evolution, thereby, a love that is not founded upon blood-ties. A spiritual love that lives in an etheric body that has been impregnated with the Christ Spirit. A love capable of inspiring a greater sacrifice than the sacrifice of Castor and Pollux who were blood brothers, because it can inspire sacrifice in 'brothers' who are united in Christ. It is a love that can also sacrifice not only immortality but the bearer of immortality, the lower ego itself, in order to receive it again as the immortal True Self from the being of Christ. This is characterised by the two brothers who are not brothers in blood - Yeshua and Jesus - who united through the Christ Spirit to provide a vessel for Christ's incarnation. After that Christ's command to his followers to love one another and to lay down their souls for their 'friends' because 'there is no greater love than this', was given its ultimate example on the hill at Golgotha when Christ Himself, a God, lay down his life for the world, to die an earthly death in Jesus.

It is from the region of Gemini that all impulses towards community, mutual love and the social life arise. The Seraphim also have the responsibility to ensure the regulation of a loving communion of the planets, that is, their communications with one another across the widths of space.

In ancient Persia, the age of Gemini, Zarathustra, the great Magi, was able to foretell the coming of Christ, whom he saw as Ahura Mazdao. This vision gave him the impulse to sacrifice himself in his coming lives in order to prepare for it, finally incarnating as Yeshua, the Matthew Jesus. Since his own sacrifice at the baptism, where he separated himself from the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, the individuality of Zarathustra has incarnated again and again as Master Jesus -  and is one of the circle of twelve Bodhisattvas or Masters of Wisdom and Harmony of Feelings and Sensations who inspires humanity towards developing this 'selfless' love.

The sixth epoch will see a recapitulation of the age of Gemini on a higher level. It will be a time that stands under the signature of the Wedding at Cana, where those who unite in the Spirit of Christ will feel good-will towards one another even though they are not blood relations. Finally at the end of earth evolution, this sacrificial love on Vulcan will have created a new Cosmos, a cosmos of love created by  human beings - the hierarchy of Freedom and Love.

So, when we look up to the region of Twins/Gemini this Holy Night, may we see the connection between it and the Seraphim, the Spirits of Love. May we see how Castor and Pollux represent, in  our times, the image of a higher sacrificial love, a love that is capable of uniting 'like minded' people who are willing to lay down their lives for one another, because within their thinking hearts they are conscious of the Spirit of Christ, who sacrificed his life for all men. May the Glory of God in our hearts, the love in our hearts inspire good will among men so that peace may reign on earth.

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