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Sunday 2 January 2011

The Ninth Holy Night - Crab/Cancer


The region of Crab or Cancer is connected with the hierarchy of the Cherubim in Christian Mysticism, or Spirits of Harmony in Spiritual Science. The symbol of the crab is the vortex, which expresses the harmonious transition between one cycle and the next. All transitions on all planes of existence are led by the Cherubim. We see their harmonious influence in the great transitions of world evolution from Saturn to Earth. We see it also in  those smaller transitions (led by the lower hierarchies inspired by the Cherubim): the great epochs of the earth - Polarian, Hyperborean etc; the cultural epochs - Indian, Persian, Egyptian etc;  and the four seasons of the year.  They are responsible for taking up the plans of the Seraphim, who are like the architects of the gods, and initiating an impulse towards a manifestation which is then worked on further by the Thrones who bring the plans to fulfilment. It was the task of the Cherubim to create the circle of the Zodiac on old Sun as a protective sheath. So it is for this reason that they have a deep connection with the thorax in the human being, that is, the rib cage and the twelve pairs of ribs that protect the heart. On old Sun the Cherubim were the highest beings taking part in its evolution and the Archangels were the lowest beings. The Cherubim created the protective sheath while the Archangels imbibed the wisdom of the Kyriotetes and from it created the light of the Sun. 

When Christ entered into the realm of the Zodiacs through the Gate of Ram the way for his descent to the Sun as a star had been prepared by the Cherubim. 

John the Baptist was born under the sign of the Crab and he connects the Zodiac region of Crab with the Region of Waterman, the region of the angels from which he observed the Sun at midnight. Because of this John the Baptist was able to connect the Cherubim with the sphere of the angels and the angel of Buddha in particular, who became his 'inspirer. 

Like the Cherubim John the Baptist prepared the way for the descent of Christ. 

In previous lives he had been Elijah and before that Adam, the first earthly man. The story of the fall speaks of the separation of Adam from Eve after Jehova breathed the provisional Ego into their lungs. Thereafter there was an 'expulsion' from Paradise, that is, the human being was cut off from consciousness of the realm of the Father God, the realm beyond the Zodiac, and the way to this consciousness was barred by the Cherub with the flaming sword.  The Cherub with the flaming sword is an imagination of the voice of Conscience, which proceeds in its highest aspect from the realm of the Cherubim. The Consciousness of the 'impulses of our will' that is, Conscience,  was a necessary requirement for an understanding of Christ.  In the wilderness of the soul the voice of conscience speaks, like the 'voice of God' - Repent and make ready the way of the Lord! - and proclaims the coming of the Lord of the Soul - the highest expression of the Ego - Kyrios - the Higher Self.

India stood under the sign of Cancer/Crab and it was Buddha who prepared the way for Conscience to arise in the world. Many of John the Baptist's sermons were a reflection of the Sermon at Benares because the angel of Buddha was inspiring him. Moreover, it was John the Baptist's heightened sense of Conscience that enabled him to be the first to meet Christ on earth and to recognise the vessel that would be placed at his disposal - Jesus of Nazareth. John the Baptist points to Christ as the Lamb of God and connects Him with the Sphere of the Ram - that Zodiac through which He entered into the realm of the Spirit of the Sun. When John the Baptist sees Jesus of Nazareth he also recognises the pre-fall nature of the Nathan Soul which was once united with him before it was separated out and sent to the sun-sphere so that it might unite with Christ in His descent to earth.

Interestingly after John the Baptist's death he remained hovering over the circle of the 12 disciples around Christ Jesus,  as a reflection of the work of the Cherubim in creating the Zodiac as  a protection for old Sun evolution and the Thorax as the protection of the inner sun of the heart.

The Sixth Cultural Epoch of earth evolution will be the Age of Waterman or Aquarius. At this time Jeshu ben Pandira will return again as the Maitreya Buddha, who will be the preparer of the consciousness of human beings for the Etheric Christ, just as John the Baptist was the preparer of the consciousness of human beings for the physical Christ. He will not only speak of morality but he will teach morality - or conscience. The Age of the Consciousness Soul is a preparation for this because ego consciousness in the entire soul requires a lighting up of thought in the will. This is an ability to understand the intentions behind actions - Moral Cognition - or a thinking with the heart, which is the seat of the will. 

At the end of earth evolution when both sun and moon have united with the earth and it has become spiritualised in the fiery furnace of sacrificial Vulcan, the earth will turn inside out, that is, what was once at the centre will form a new Zodiac at the periphery, taking the work of the Cherubim in the human heart to a new stage - a stage where conscience is transformed into love.

 So on this ninth night, when we turn our consciousness to the realm of the Crab may we discern there the connection between this Zodiac and the realm of the Cherubim who created the entire circle of Zodiacs on Old Sun. May we see the Ram as the highest Zodiac which formed the first gate through which Christ entered the sphere of the Sun on his descent to earth, and  may we see the connection of the Cherubim to the Archangels who had their Ego consciousness on old sun and now live in the etheric body of human beings and who belong to the region of the Goat, which formed the last gate through which Christ descended to the earth.  On earth may we see the connection between the Cherubim and John the Baptist who recognised Jesus and who prepared the way for a consciousness of the physical Christ and the Maitreya Buddha who in the age of Waterman will prepare the consciousness of human beings for the Etheric Christ.

May we hear the voice of conscience in our hearts as an imaginative inspiration from the realm of the Cherubim  and may it engender in us a fiery love for the good action.

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