Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Sunday 11 July 2010

Some Words of Wisdom from History...

History is dressed in resplendent colours. Moving through the ocean of everything that has been she comes upon the chariot of her consort Chronos. She passes with a thunderous roar and a stirring of god-dust and as she does she glances into the weaving of my soul. With her ice-like clarity she sees all. I must be content with only a portion of it.

“What is time?”

Her voice is breathless in the air.

A mirror. 

“What is the past?”

What lives behind it. 

She smiles now, rubies and diamonds, waterfalls and age-worn rivers, a dread beauty full of strife and love, pregnant with the misery of war and the coming of age; the waxing and waning of creation. 

O Man you cannot understand history if you look only to that which is written and falls from pages. Look to what is recorded upon the rarefied airs of my soul! Break the mirror!

"Will I see what I am?"   

“You shall know what you have been as the seed of what you are, and what you are as the flower from which will come the fruit of what you will be!”


  1. Love it. Is this yours? Nice to see your blog.

  2. Thanks Monica...yes it is. I'm glad you like it.