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Welcome to my Blog!

Saturday 20 November 2010

Excerpt from Fifth Gospel: Leave Taking

Lea fell quiet. Her words were spent.
I went to the window, for I could see the sun was rising, throwing a gold mantle on the world beyond Montsegur. For a moment, the entire Gospel stood before my eyes in the awakening clouds that were spread over the skies above the valleys and mountains, rivers and streams of the world.
‘Yes…it is magnificent!’ I said.
She pointed to the dawn and she seemed to grow tall, and white, and fair before my eyes. I trembled, for her voice was grave, ‘Look there! Do you see a world full of wonders and marvels?
I looked, and I saw a twilight land of strange buildings and contraptions.  
‘That is the future…do you see, pairé, how there are castles that fly, carriages that go at great speeds without horses, and torches that have no flame! In this future, pairé, the thoughts of men will travel like lightning, from one end of the earth to the other, and a man will be able to hold all the books in the world in the palm of one hand!’
‘All the books in the world!’ I smiled to think on it. ‘This is truly remarkable!’
‘Yes, but every light casts a shadow.’ She looked at me, cold and solemn and said, ‘The greater the light of goodness, the darker the shadow of evil. Wars will continue…there are dark times ahead, and it will grow darker still, for you see pairé, in the past, men fought over their misunderstandings of Jesus and Christ, now, they battle because they no longer understand the Spirit, but in the future the battle will be for the human Soul, pairé. It shall be more heinous and violent than any other battle that has come before! In those far flung days what is written in John’s Apocalypse shall come to pass again: the woman with the sun in her belly and the moon at her feet shall come to give birth to the spirit of Christ in the clouds, the soul of humanity will give birth to the spirit and the dragon will try to kill it as soon as it is born in the same way that Herod tried to kill Yeshua. That is when this gospel shall be needed pairé; before the end of the fifth age.’
I was breathless, caught in the swirl of images which she had shown in the sky before my eyes. Fear and dread entered into my heart and a sudden thought came. ‘Soon I will descend this pog, Lea, and what you have had me write down on those parchments,’ I pointed to them, ‘will turn to dust. It has all been for nothing! No man will know the Fifth Gospel!’
‘There is no accident in the universe pairé, nothing is ever lost. What you have written will come to you again, though differently, and you will remember.’
‘What must I remember?’
‘Look at me, pairé, what do you see?’
Before my open gaze her face seemed to change: one moment I saw the evening star, the next she was Demeter the mother of nature; again she was the lady who steals into the heart of every troubadour, the ideal woman, the good and beautiful and true in the soul of every poet. When her face paused in its transformations, I realised with a sense of wonder and awe that I was gazing at a countenance that I had only seen in my imaginations...I had been in the company of Wisdom all along... 


  1. Tell me this may be available to all someday soon. I think this is something I would devore as though I've not been fed in a millennia

  2. Thank you Tom, for your kind words. I'm hoping that the publishing company will publish it in 2013, as they would like to bring out 'Apocalypse' first. I do think it is the right decision, 2013 is a very special year, it is the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner's gift of The Fifth Gospel Lectures to the world. But don't despair, from time to time I will place an excerpt here and if you look through my back blogs you will see other excerpts from Fifth Gospel.:))