Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Thursday 6 June 2013

THE GAME (my version of Herman Hesse's Glass Bead Game)

'Magister Ludi what is the goal of the Glass Bead Game?' said the postulant.

'To create a new science and art.'

'What are the rules?'

'There is to be no competition with others, all desire for reaching the goal will prevent you from doing so, and the end becomes the beginning.'

'What are the steps?

'The first step:

Remember that science only tells you about everything you see with your senses, these are sensations, feelings. It tells you only about what has 'become'. But this, you see, is only half of 'being'.

You must learn to will your thoughts out of you to meet what is 'becoming' without feelings. That is how you find the spirit. Then you shall know the counterpoint of everything thing - this is a new science.

The Second step:

Observe how the counterpoint makes an impression in you. Allow yourself to be moulded by the spirit in the world. This is the very essence of finding the Art in the game and the game is nothing without it. As long as you try to impress your self onto the spirit of things, you are wounding the spirit - or rather removing it from the things themselves so that they lose their objective truth!

Allow what has entered you to exist and die away without making any image of it. It is only from the silence that the new art is born.

The Third step:

Allow the warmth to fire your limbs to creative deeds - when you have reached this stage in the game you have brought science and art together.

'What is the glass bead?'

'You are the glass bead.'

'What do you mean?'

'A glass bead is completely individual and beautiful alone, but it can only contribute to the beauty of the game when it joins with other beads. The secret is this: it joins the other beads not out of desire, not out of competitiveness, but to create new games. Even so, it never loses its individual beauty and shape. What it becomes is what it was always intended to be. That is how the end becomes the beginning.'


  1. First off, I don't see how there isn't like millions of people who are your fans because I sure am. This is an incredible post and I got so much out of it. It reminds me of the book by Henri Bortoft called 'The Wholeness of Nature : Goethe's Way Toward a Science of Conscious Participation in Nature' where the bead game could be like the drawings that are used in Gestalt Psychology where the Mind is the actual thing that sees. Where we are 'seeing' an image but it doesn't become observed and perceived till suggestions come to us and then with guidance of the attention and mind we come to view something. Although this is much deeper and towards a truly Goethean approach where we let the phenomena speak to us. Truly great post and I look forward to so much more of your words. Great writing and I'm now a fan. Can't wait to read your books.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jordan! I can see that you truly get it! That warms my heart!