Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Thursday 30 January 2014

The Riddle.

'What is a light that is more radiant than the sun?' The youth asks the dragon. 

The dragon being clever answers before he thinks. 'A light born from out of the darkness of the human soul!'

But upon saying this the dragon is immediately enlightened!

'So, is this the secret of the demons then?' I ask the dragon. 'That consciousness turns darkness to light?'

The dragon now answers readily. 'Yes...when the light of the sun, the Word, entered into the darkness of the earth, the sun weakened but a seed was laid in the earth for a new sun. This new sun is the Light born from darkness. This is Christ Himself. This the demons would keep from the consciousness of men and so from the understanding of the gods: The way in which evil can be used against itself so that it can be transformed into goodness, through consciousness.

The human being,
Standing between heaven and earth,
Carries the light of the spirit
Into the darkness of matter
Where even angels
Fear to tread.


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