Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

A Fragment ...

From Lucifer’s crown Michael cast a stone.
What is the stone?
A pure spirit that fell
Why did it fall?
To become a vessel
What is this vessel?
It is the Holy Grail
What is the Grail?
It holds the blood of Christ
Who is Christ?
He resides within the Grail
What is the Grail?
It is a vessel
What is this vessel?
A pure spirit that fell
Why did it fall?
Because it was a stone
And what is the stone?
It was what Michael cast from Lucifer’s crown.

Lo with bated breath and fearful do I begin my song which long ago was written in a cluster of stars.

What does it tell you ask?

It is a secret so great as the Sun! So small as a drop of blood!
For never have I met one so wise he did not seek to learn from it; nor one so satisfied he did not yearn to possess it; nor indeed one so idle he did not will to find it. Some have died for it and some have killed for it - but no man may come near to it through desire, it will come to him instead, through lack of it. For he must guard himself against incontinence, in him humility must conquer pride, faith must conquer doubt, love - hatred and courage fear. Only when he has awakened from dullness into doubt shall he be called by God to it and to blessedness, as I have been – and what of you, kind listener?

Are you one of those whom the Grail calls to service? Is your name inscribed upon its lip and does it fade from sight as soon as read? If so, then sooth indeed are these words said:

Here begins the song of thy descent,
Here begins the song of the Grail
Here begins the terror,
Here begins the miracle.

Such is the nature of it, which few understand but many tell.
Let him who has ears, hear it, for what God doeth, he doeth well.

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