Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

How Fausto Redeems the Word...

A weakness descended over his limbs and he dropped to his knees. Instead of the circle of men before him, he saw vividly, all his self-love, his indulgent suffering, his madness. He searched himself, perusing all the poisons of his character, would they these demons overcome him, consume him? Would he arrive at the unknown a criminal, utterly damned, to be broken up into pieces, obliterated?

First a resistance then, a great abyss opened up in his soul, wherein he experienced the greatest loneliness….his own annihilation, for one says I to the sum of all of one’s past moments relived! A tenuous condensation for one about to forget all that he knows….Then he asked the question into the void. The question that had been long awaited...

"How shall I purify the word?"

Then the voice of Satan answered him.

Oh question! How longingly longed for!
Oh what release and sweet relief!
For eons, secula, these bonds have stiffened my bones,
And pressed me down to infinite matter.
But now you have seen my need and answered it and I am free!

At that moment all around Fausto a sigh was sensed and these words could be heard ringing through the fifth.

O lovely concord, O sacred peace
From which the heart doth find release.
Behind life’s baseless fabric seeming
Dissolved like mists before our dreaming
Awaken Christ’s word in all things seen
And the word of the world in Christ redeem!

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  1. Hi Adriana, i just read some of your materials. we are busy with similar topics. i´d love to be in touch with you. i do have some materials in english. the latest translation into english is still in the making.
    Take care, Patrick Steensma (you can also check me on linkedin)