Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Saturday 5 June 2010

The Devil and the Author

The author sat between the head editor and the publisher.

'What's this you've brought us?' said the publisher.

'What you paid for.'

'No...we don't want Christ...Jesus is fine, Jesus we can understand...but Christ? No one will buy it...no one is interested in Christ,' said the publisher.

'Why not take Christ out altogther,' said the head editor having a sudden epiphany.

'What is Jesus without Christ? That would be a half truth and besides it wouldn't make sense,' said the author.

'Well...you could replace Christ with Hitler.' said the editor, hoping to salvage something from this mess.

'What?' said the author, aghast.

'Well, you could connect the time of Jesus with Hitler somehow, you know fast paced, a page turner...you can do it, we have faith in you.'

'Jesus and Hitler...without Christ?' the author said calm, composed, bristling.

'Yes...yes...we like this idea for a different book,' said the publisher. 'It would be a best seller. Let's just change the contract shall we? After all we only want the best for you...we want to build up your career...then you can write anything you want!'

The author smiled, thanked them and walked out of the room.

Outside the day seemed different somehow. The light was softer, the sounds more mellow. It felt like spring. The author would always celebrate this day, for this was the day the author almost lost her soul.


  1. Courage my friend, is beautiful.

  2. Dear MaryAnn - you, my friend, are the courageous one!

  3. Challenges come in all different names, faces, and sizes. Adriana, you can handle them all. Blessings, Jo