Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

The Wisdom of Akhenaten and the Twilight of the Gods...

This day the Lord of the Sun arrives on a long curved ship. I will read to him from the books of Thoth: he who has won knowledge of all; who saw all things and understood all things and understanding had the power to disclose and to explain. For what he knew he hid, keeping silent, so that every younger age of cosmic time might seek for them.

I will admit the Lord to the Temple. He will wash his face, hands and feet with fragrant water. He will bend forth his raven head and I will expound the sacred text. In darkness we shall descend to the inner chamber of stone where I shall give him the cordial and chant the words from the Book of the Gates to guide his ascent. He must know each sky before he can be an Akh, a spirit transfigured by Aton: Akhenaten.

In the boat of Isis, sailing upon a river of souls, he will be carried through the gates of Duat. He will see Orion and Sirius as the rays break over the celestial horizon and strike the Sphinx that points to Leo. Isis will show him what has created him and he shall gaze upon her, who is light, and warmth, and life. She shall speak forth the cosmic word that is Osiris and he will hear the choir of glorious spirits, the Akhimu-Seku, sing the glory of Aton, and he will know, that Osiris the Sun has made all things, that he setteth every man in his place, that he distinguishes skin and separates speech. Osiris will rise in his heart and his heart will burn and begin its journey.

After three days have passed he will know these things. He will know also that the time has come for darkness to descend upon the eyes of the priests and kings. Darkness shall come. He will know that Osiris is the Cosmic word, that Isis works from the regions beyond time and creates the womb from which the infant Horus will descend. A deed that shall mark a new age.

Later, I shall be thrown into the pit of snakes and my Lord who has seen these things shall have his name erased from the list of Kings and from the sacred texts and his face shall be struck from the reliefs of stone and no man shall utter his name. He will be remembered only as a heretic.

Aum...Aumen...This shall be so...

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